Best Bicycle Chainring Buying Guide


Best Bicycle chainring buying guide

Cycling with the right gear will help users in carrying out cycling activities according to the terrain or track taken, this is very influential for the bike in terms of speed and last but not least is affective and efficient. The more precise the selection of gear, the more comfortable cycling activities will be and make bicycle components more durable.

Best bicycle chainring guide

Best bicycle chainring guide

Before choosing a gear, we must first understand the working principle and the basis of how the gear works. The influence of the difference in the size of the components will help us to choose the gear that suits our abilities. Especially for those who want to use a bike with a fairly complex type of gear such as MTB (Mountain Bicycle).

The bicycle gear is a fairly important part of the bike. Gears are used to transfer our stroke power into motion power for bicycles. The bike will not be able to pedal if the gear is not installed, because the gear will channel human power to the tire rotation so that the bike can move. The tighter the stroke, the faster the gear rotates, and the faster the speed of the Bicycle is ridden.

There are three things that play an important role in a bicycle gear system, namely power, speed, and thrust. The gear on the bike makes it easy for us to adjust and change the speed and weight of the pedal comfortably according to the terrain we are facing. Low gear is used to start a journey, acceleration, or uphill road.

On the other hand, high gear is used to reach the maximum speed or top speed of the bike. If you force to use high gear at the beginning or uphill, then it will drain our energy because it requires more power than using low gear. That is what is called bicycle gear efficiency.

The selection of the right gear in type and size will also greatly affect the efficiency of the gear. Proper selection will reduce excessive wasting of energy that should be minimized.

The bike itself also has various types that are distinguished by the type of gear. The first is a single speed, a bike that only has one gear ratio, or one chainring & one sprocket.

Next is the fixed gear, this type of bike is similar to single speed, but the difference is that this bike does not have a freewheel, so the pedals and wheels always rotate together. If you turn the pedal backwards, it will make the bike go backwards.

Multi gear, a bike with this type of gear has many gears or speed, a combination between the number of chainrings and sprockets. Single Chainring, this type of bike is a bike that has only 1 front chainring, but the rear sprocket can be one or many.

Last but not least is the Gear hub, a bike that has a gear system inside the bike hub. The serration mechanics system is arranged and arranged in the rear hub of the bike.

As for the bike that can be said to be very complex in its gear problems, it is the MTB. Yes, this bike, which is often used to route various routes, is one of the complex bikes in the use of gears. Usually this type of bike uses a single bicycle chainring type gear. This type has become popular recently.

It should also be noted that the type of single chainring gear is different from single gear. Not sometimes there are also MTB bikes that use multi gear.

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Bicycle Chainring

These are Best Bicycle Chainring Buying Guide

Chainring is a part of bicycle gear that blends into the pedals of a bicycle, local people used to call it the crank part of a bicycle.

There are several common sizes or types of chainrings, namely:

1. Standard Bicycle Chainring

Best Bicycle Chainring Buying Guide

Best Bicycle Chainring Buying Guide

This chainring has two parts, usually the size used is 52-39T, and it is usually used for flat or urban roads.

2. Compact Bicycle Chainring

Best Bicycle Chainring Buying Guide

Compact Bicycle Chainring

Almost similar to Standart Chainring, it has two chainrings. But with a smaller size sari standart chainring. Usually the size used is 50-34T. This type is more convenient to use on uphill roads because it is lighter.

3. Single Bicycle Chainring

Best Bicycle Chainring Buying Guide

Single bike Chainring

Being popular now, it only has one chainring, it doesn’t have the choice of front teeth. This type does not have a front derailleur and has a narrow-wide feature so that the chain does not come off easily.

Chainrings are usually equipped with a front derailleur (FD), except for bicycles with a single chainring system because they only have one chainring. FD is sometimes called the front mech moving the chain for two or three chainrings. Unlike the rear derailleur, the front derailleur moves the top of the chain, which is in a tense or pressurized state when we pedal.


Best bicycle chainring guide


Besides Bicycle Chainring Sprockets are a collection of gears on the rear wheels. While cassettes are more used for the term sprocket with a freehub wheel hub or that has a path, where the sprocket is inserted by pushing. While the wheel hub with the freewheel, the sprocket inserted into the hub by rotating because it has a thread, does not use the term cassette. While cog is a unit of gear piece or disk in a collection of sprockets or cassettes.

An example is a bike with a 7-speed cassette size of 14-28T which means the bike has 7 sprockets with the smallest size of 14T and the largest of 28T.

In a standard bicycle cassette, usually the sprocket size setting is set so that it does not differ too much between adjacent sprockets, to reduce the force jump on the pedal stroke when changing gears. This aims to maintain momentum when shifting gears so that they are not too drastic.

Cassette capability is expressed by cassette range and gear ratio. Range cassettes are measured based on the smallest and largest cog sizes.

Based on the range, the cassette is divided into three, namely the Narrow ratio cassette with the difference between the smallest and largest sprockets less than 20 and is usually used on flat roads. Wide ratio cassette with differences between sprockets from smallest to largest more than 20 which is usually used for uphill and downhill roads. Mega ratio cassette, Cassette with the largest sprocket size is far from the previous sprockets, usually used to deal with extreme uphill roads.

In this section there is also a Rear Derailler (RD) which functions to maintain chain tension and change gears. The rear derailleur adjusts its position to maintain the chain tension so that it is not too loose and not too tight, for each gear position.

In the world of bicycles, especially MTB there are various brands of FD and RD. One of them is Shimano. The advantage of this brand is that it weighs less and is more efficient when struck. this brand can be found on some Trex bikes, there are several MTB Trex series that use FD and RD Shimano. For example, MTB TX-785 SERIES and MTB 26 XT 781.

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