Bicycle Lights: Everything You Need to Know about It


Bicycle Lights: Everything You Need to Know about It

Are you someone who likes cycling? If so, then you need to buy bicycle lights. Of course, there are many types of the best bicycle lights. Well, you only need to choose bicycle lights for sale that suit your needs and desires.

In order to make it easier for you to choose good bicycle lights, we provide a complete explanation of bicycle lights here.

Why are Bicycle Lights Important to Use?

Bicycle Front Head Lights
Bicycle Front Head Lights

Why are Bicycle Lights Important to Use? Based on data obtained from the Traffic Safety Administration, many road accidents occur between 06.00 pm and 09.00 pm. It turns out that the accident occurred up to 40%! Of course, one of the factors that causes this to happen is due to the lack of light on the highway.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to use bicycle lights for those of you who use bicycles on the highway at night. Apart from these lights, of course you also have to use other driving safety equipment. However, the lights are the most important thing that you should pay attention to.

Although legally using lights is not mandatory, using bicycle lights can really help save you when cycling on the street.

Bicycle Stop Lights
Bicycle Stop Lights

Here are The Types of Bicycle Lights that Can Be The Best Options for You

Here are The Types of Bicycle Lights that Can Be The Best Options for You, In general, bicycle lights actually have two types: lights to see and lights that are used to see. What is the difference between the two types of lamps?

So, the light that is used to be seen is a type of lamp that can be seen bright enough. This can help motorists or pedestrians to be seen from a short distance. While the light used to see is a type of lamp that functions to see distant objects more clearly and brightly. So, this type of lamp is intended to illuminate the streets in front of us.

Other lights are battery lights and rechargeable bicycle lights. This type is a type of lamp that is easy to install. All you have to do is attach it to the handlebars of your bicycle or the seat post of your bicycle. This one lamp is also available in various types and designs.

If you need night rider bicycle lights that can be used for a long time, then you can use battery lights. Prices vary greatly, depending on the brand. If you want bright headlights, then you can use a 50 lumens lamp which is really good for use in urban areas or streets at night. But if you need lighting for a very dark and remote area, then we recommend that you use a 200 lumens lamp which is already known as one of the best types of bright bicycle lights for cycling at night.

Meanwhile, for the rear lights usually range between 5-100 lumens. So, if you use an old taillight, maybe you will find a type of lamp that uses a low output power. So, make sure you look at the power details first on the bicycle lights set manufacturer’s website to be able to choose which is the best bicycle lights for night riding that are best for you.

Apply This Method to Determine Your Best Bike Light

Apply This Method to Determine Your Best Bike Light! Based on bicycle lights reviews, people seem confused in determining which bicycle lights are good for use. So, that’s why we provide tips for you so you can determine which lamp is the best.

First, consider the light intensity of the lamp. Good and ideal bicycle lights are lights that have bright light but don’t dazzle. Usually, the light output range that is best for use in city areas is 300-500 lumens. However, you can adjust the 400 lumens when you are in a city area and switch to 500 lumens when you are on dark off-road roads and there are no other road users.

Second, pay attention to the presence of FL-1 certification on the lamp. The reason is, a lamp that already has a certificate means it can really be trusted. This certification is the ANSI/NEMA FL-1 standard which is a test standard for measuring light brightness intensity, water resistance, impact resistance, and operating time.

You also have to look at the mode used by the lamp. Lights that have good quality have various types of light modes such as high, low, steady, and flashing. Flashing mode makes the lamp more durable and saves power.

Also find out whether the lamp is easy to remove and install or not. So, you don’t need to waste a lot of time installing or installing the lamp. Lights with good quality and easy to operate also have high resistance, so they can be used for years.

See also the light beam. This is important because a wide and nice diffused beam of light will result in good vision for you. Do not be tempted by lamps that are advertised at low prices.

Usually, the manufacturers or manufacturers of these lamps are focused on saving money so they reduce the quality of the lenses and technology used. Finally, the cheap lens can only focus light with a narrow beam. So, choose a lamp that can spread the light wide and does not reduce the brightness level.

If you use smart bicycle lights or led bicycle lights, then you have to know whether the lights are easy to recharge or not. Don’t choose a lamp that you have to disassemble first to be able to recharge it. Choose a rechargeable bicycle lights that has a USB rechargeable wall plug. Even some types of these lamps have a charging stand so that it becomes easier when recharging.

The lamp must also be waterproof so that it can stay on and function properly when it rains. Especially now that water resistance is an IP standard that must be in a quality lamp. So, besides that, make sure that the light has a battery status indicator so you don’t run out of battery and immediately recharge it.

This is Conclusion: The Important Thing You Must Know About Bicycle Lights

This is Conclusion: The Important Thing You Must Know About Bicycle Lights, Among all the tips on choosing bicycle lights, of course you can’t find all of the factors above in one brand of lights. Especially if you buy online. So, you better be really careful in researching all the details of the lamp you want to buy. We also recommend that you buy them offline or in person at the nearest store so you can find the best bicycle lights that suit your needs.

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