Quick Hit Review: Tour de France Parcours Gets … Creative?


Quick Hit Review Tour de France 2023

Thursday’s announcement of Tour de France trail for 2023 was once not temporary on hobby. You’ve virtually surely heard a few bits about it already — the lack of time trialling, the collection of climbs — then again whilst you dig in a little of you are able to see what a departure this is from… expectations?

The Tour in recent years has performed a excellent activity of spicing up the trail compared to 20 years prior to now, and this was once no exception. In fact, it went even further than standard.

Obviously we will pick via all the details next summer time, and plainly hit up Will J’s twitter account (@cyclingalps) for some color on the climbs. Alternatively for now, let’s hit a few problems which I think tell the story of the Tour rollout.

Quick Hit Review: Tour de France Parcours Gets ... Creative?
Within the San Sebastian hills
Photograph by way of David Ramos/Getty Pictures

1. Le Grand Départ Is Additional Cool

The Tour is launching from the Pays Basque, as it’s identified on the French facet of the stylish border, even though the movement will happen on the Spanish facet with two very beautiful and amusing ranges, about as cool an opening weekend as you are able to get within a temporary drive of France.

It starts with a coastal stage spherical Bilbao, which is able to look spectacular and will function a few small climbs on the way back to town, leaving us questioning all the day what sort of finale we can get.

Quick Hit Review: Tour de France Parcours Gets ... Creative?
Excursion 2023 degree 1 map

Degree 2 is a bit more definitively not a sprinters’ stage, and is in reality a good chance for the punchy climbers to take a shot at grabbing yellow.

The trail is a truncated and somewhat muted ode to the beautiful terrain of the Klasikoa Donostia, a/k/a Clasica San Sebastian — which is not a criticism, it’s how the Tour always handles borrowed Classics classes. And plainly it won’t be a sprinters’ day.

Excursion 2023 degree 2 map

From there the Tour will move the border in opposition to a touch result in Bayonne, bringing the curtain down on the Basque ranges with an opportunity for people to understand that this home is sometimes called the French Basque Country. A wonderful entertaining start to problems, and no long transfers!

2. Do Early Mountain Levels Exchange Issues?

One byproduct of beginning in Spain is that except you need to stretch the parcours a ways north from Bayonne and cast off any mountain levels for some time (hi lengthy transfers), you then’re going to have to move into key mountain levels previous than same old.

How a lot previous? Smartly, for a standard(ish) path like 2022, the Excursion hit the Alps over a sequence of levels from 9-12, even supposing they tucked within the Planche des Belles Filles on degree 7. A standard sequencing when a French Grand Départ is concerned may get you to the key mountain levels by way of the second one weekend, i.e. levels 8 and 9,

whilst Excursions beginning in northern Europe may now not see the massive mountains till even later.

Even in 2009 when the Excursion started in Monaco, they controlled to mill about in a while trial levels and skirt the Alps, preserving off the massive climbs till degree 7. Even more strange, in 1992 the race started in San Sebastian and simply utterly blew off the Pyrénées, subbing in additional time trials.

Hinault vs Zoetemelk, 1979
Photograph by way of -/AFP by means of Getty Pictures

You need to move all of the as far back as 1981 to search out an version of the Excursion the place a significant mountain degree from the Alps or Pyrénées befell as early as degree 5.

Or even then, if you wish to get technical, “degree 5” handiest took place after launching from Great with a prologue and a double degree day on “day 1,” so by the point degree 5 kicked off, that they had run 3 time trials and 3 risk free street levels.

However hello, the quantity 5 is truly only a human assemble. It will imply anything else. Bernard Hinault gained his 3rd Excursion in 4 years,

conceding a while to Lucien Van Impe on that preliminary Pyrénéan degree prior to smashing his hopes on degree six, the fourth time trial of the race, the place the Badger (wonder!) stamped his authority at the tournament and coasted to victory.

In 1979 the Excursion set a precedent that we would by no means see once more relating to early mountain levels, departing from Fleurance with a brief prologue… after which working 3 actual Pyrénéan occasions (two right kind mountain romps and a TT to Superbagnères).

Hinault gained the TT and the remaining mountain climbing degree, dueled a bit of with Joop Zoetemelk, after which cruised to a 13-minute win.

So, with nearly no helpful precedent right here, does having the mountains get started so early threaten to modify the result of the 2023 Excursion? I’d say… almost definitely now not, no less than now not within the sense that prime rides gained’t be slightly able to dig deep. The times of beginning gradual and using your self into 3rd week form are lengthy long past.

The Excursion is solely as steadily gained prior to the midway level as after now, and riders are higher supplied to control their efforts over all of the 3 weeks as a way to now not in finding themselves unprepared at any time.

Now, there may be some risk that the outlet levels — all the time anxious and crashy — may just depart one of the most best riders bumped and bruised as they begin the key climbs, however we will be able to stay our arms crossed there.

109th Tour de France 2022 - Stage 20Photograph by way of Tim de Waele/Getty Pictures

3. The Race In opposition to the Race In opposition to the Watch

Have you learnt how a lot effort is going into making ready for time trials? For the riders, it comes to a undeniable selection of hours honing their shape and getting pleased with their crono cycle. That procedure begins within the iciness, when riders and groups achieve out to their tools sponsors to plot for the manufacture of customized setups, no less than for the highest riders.

Take this frame and fabricate a cockpit that matches it to perfection, such that during a forty five minute race now not a unmarried 2nd shall be wasted. There’s some backward and forward, some using in spring, possibly some additional changes, till in any case the rider feels able. A large number of time, effort and cash is concerned.

And for simply 22km of racing.

OK, the highest guys will almost definitely in finding a couple of different TT days at the calendar to position this just right paintings to make use of, however you get the image. Why does this Tour de France hate the time trial rapidly? I’m joking, or could be, if the reality weren’t… roughly bizarre. Here’s a sampling of items Christian Prudhomme stated about why he omitted any actual period of time trialling.

“Time trials has the tendency to paralyze the races.”

“I choose to look the champions shoulder-to-shoulder from the primary weekend. You all know that really well too.


A shoulder-to-shoulder combat is far better than riders having their occasions taken one at a time.”


“When I was little, we used to have a duality between climbers & time triallists, an opposition of types. You’d have a Jacques Anquetil who was once a perfect rouleur however suffered within the mountains, after which The Eagle of Toledo, Federico Bahamontes,


, who impacted within the mountains however misplaced time in opposition to the clock. That’s when you must put time trials in, for the reason that kinds would steadiness out. Now, we’re again in an attacking roughly biking, with riders able to profitable virtually anyplace.”

Hmmm… I roughly do not know what he’s speaking about. However I’ve noticed his place described as feeling like time trials don’t topic for the reason that best climbers also are lovely even in time trials, so what’s the purpose? I assume this is true of the previous 3 winners,

however I will title you a for much longer listing of men who torched their Excursion or Giro or Vuelta hopes in opposition to the watch.

There could also be some subtext across the standing of Remco Evenepoel, who isn’t anticipated to check out out the Excursion till 2024.

Evenepoel could be very a lot the type of rider who can evoke Prudhomme’s formative years reminiscences, gifting away time to super-climbers like Vingegaard and Pogacar however clawing some or it all again in a flat ITT. That race is scheduled to occur in two summers. So let’s spend subsequent summer season doing one thing slightly other.

Oh, and this is that ITT profile, all 22km of it, and a few 3rd of it going uphill:

ITT profile

4. Filling Within the Gaps… With Aplomb

The only maximum defining feature of this parcours is how the Excursion tries to fill within the areas across the surprisingly early mountains and the surprisingly crono-deficient setup. With non-traditional mountaintop finishes which can be distinctive, hardly visited by way of the Excursion, and sure to be truly arduous.

Tour de perth

Le Puy de Dôme
Photograph by way of David Caudery/Procycling mag by means of Getty Pictures

The primary of the ones is within the Massif Central, France’s volcanic area, the place degree 9 will end atop the conspicuously conical Puy de Dôme. Residing in Seattle, I will recognize an exploding mountain up to somebody. However the tale that day gained’t be lava and ash, it’s going to be the explosion of a large number of other folks’s legs.

Puy de Dôme Profile

This involves km 184 of an afternoon when the peloton shall be mountain climbing reputedly at all times. The nicest factor you’re going to listen a rider say about this degree is that it occurs at the eve of the primary leisure day (I feel).

Anyway, from there it’s directly to the Alps segment, the place the race type of futzes across the outer edge of the largest climbs (even though, to be transparent, climbs are climbs), prior to in any case ascending to the 2300-meter mark on degree 17 over the Col de los angeles Loze, with a drop to Courcheval. Roughly a queen degree, and you may be expecting that to settle all ratings.

And you’d be improper. This is degree 20, a completely sadistic little detour at the as far back as Paris by means of the Vosges:

Le Markstein Vosges Level

Part as prime and usually below 10km in street miles, those climbs shouldn’t faze the blokes popping out of the Alps. However the ultimate 3 climbs, totaling 20km, will reasonable over 8%. That’s on July 22, 17 days after the Pyrénées start.

Le Tour de France 2014 - Stage TenPhotograph by way of Doug Pensinger/Getty Pictures

Those two days mix to problem our expectancies of the Excursion as a sandwich made from time trials and rolling terrain as the beef wedged between two mountain stages.

That is extra like a Vuelta a España route than the rest, with the race rhythm allowed to move in all kinds of attention-grabbing instructions. Even the Giro has a undeniable symmetry to its lessons, climaxing within the 3rd week without reference to what took place prior to.

That is my favourite characteristic of the 2023 parcours. It’ll be gorgeous and engaging, and can almost definitely disappointed a couple of applecarts alongside the way in which. We must have an exhilarating race, whilst we bide our time for without equal younger stud showdown in 2024.


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