Recommended Bicycle Locks for Hybrid Bikes and Road Bikes


Bicycle Locks for Hybrid Bikes and Road Bikes

Bicycle locks are especially important for hybrid bikes and road bikes as these types of bikes are expensive. You surely do not want to lose your precious bike just because you are being reckless, do you? By having a bike lock, you can ensure your bike’s safety when you park it somewhere. Keep reading to find out the most recommended bike lock for your hybrid or road bike.

Bicycle Locks
Bicycle Locks

Types of Bicycle Locks

Before getting into the recommendations of bike locks, it is better to know the types of bike locks commonly available in the market. This way, you can choose one according to your need and preference.

Bicycle U Lock

Besides being extremely hard, U locks do not bend easily. This type of bike lock cannot be forcefully opened. A padlock cutter or chainsaw is needed to open this lock so that it takes time to steal a bike locked with it. If you need a strong bike lock, U locks are a great option. The drawback of this lock is that it takes much space, making it less favorable if you prefer to bring a small backpack when you are biking.

Bicycle Lock Chain Type

The next type of a bike lock is the chain type. It is a strong lock as well, though not as strong as U locks. This type of bike lock makes it easy for you to lock your bike to poles, fences, and even trees. Chain locks come in various weights, from hundreds of grams up to 2 Kg. If you prefer a strong bike lock that is easy to use, you can consider choosing this chain bike lock.

Bicycle Lock Cable Type

This type of bike lock is normally made of thick cables, making it lightweight and easy to bring. However, cable bike locks are not strong as they are easy to cut. This makes it more suitable for locking a bike in bike-specific parking areas. If you park your bike in other areas when using this lock, your bike is at a higher risk of getting stolen. The solution is to combine a cable lock with another bike lock type.

Bicycle Locks Recommendations

Here are some recommendations of best bicycle locks that you can use as a reference.

Bicycle Lock ULAC Bulldog

This bike lock is recommended as it is equipped with a speaker, making the alarm sounds clear. It also has a sensitive sensor that will ring when there is a bump or sharp object that damages the lock. This way, you can ensure your bike’s safety. ULAC equips this bike lock with a removable bracket so that you can easily put it into your backpack.

You just need to push the button on the bracket, and the lock will be released. ULAC Bulldog weighs 420 grams and uses a manual locking method. It is made from a steel cable material.

Bicycle Lock Rockbros Anti-Theft U Lock

Rockbros anti-theft U lock uses a double lock system, meaning that the lock cannot be released even if one of them is cut. It is different from the single lock system that will immediately open when one of them is cut. Also, the steel material used to make this lock is 4.5cm thick, making the lock more difficult to be damaged.

Then, the steel is coated with silicon to provide extra safety. Rockbros anti-theft U lock uses a manual locking method as well. However, this bike lock is quite heavy with its 805 grams weight.

Bicycle Lock CROPS Chain Lock

 The next recommended lock for hybrid bike and road bikes is Crops Chain Lock. A bike lock has a security level that is rated from 1 to 10. And this one is at 8.5, meaning it is reliable to secure your precious bike. This chain lock offers good security and is ideal to lock a bike parked in a crowded area. Crips Chain Lock features an alarm with adjustable volumes.

This bike lock is made of steel chains, making it heavy at 1048 grams. With 110cm length, you might need a big backpack to bring this chain lock from Crops.

Bicycle Lock Xiaomi AreoX Fingerprint U Lock

If you are the biggest fan of technology even when it comes to bike locks, Xiaomi AreoX Fingerprint U Lock might be the best choice for you. As you can tell from the name, this bike lock uses fingerprint technology to open the lock within 0.5 second. Very quick and practical, isn’t it? The price tag is indeed expensive and it needs a battery to operate.

But it is all worth it because this fingerprint U lock is sophisticated and designed to be waterproof at an IP65 level. So, you do not have to be worried if the lock is exposed in the rain.

Bicycle Lock Polygon Bikes Lock Spiral

Comes with a security system in the form of a 4-digit password, Polygon Bikes Lock Spiral is pretty hard to be forcefully opened. Also, you no longer need to bring a key thanks to the password. You just need to remember your password. This product also features a lamp, making it easy for you to lock and open it in a dark circumstance.

This bike lock is made of coil wires with plastic coating. It is quite lightweight at 500 grams. The drawback is that it does not feature an alarm.

Bicycle Lock Abus Chain Lock

With only a single click, you can lock and secure your bike even without using the key. Abus Chain Lock is a good option if you want a practical, quick, easy-to-use bike lock. Made from special strong steel, this chain lock is not easy to break. Covered with soft cloth, it will not scratch your precious bike. Comes in black and red, you can choose one that fits your bike.

Abus Chain Lock weighs only 230 grams, much more lightweight than other products in this list. It uses a manual locking system.

Those are the types and some recommendations of bike locks. No need to buy the expensive one. As long as the lock can properly secure your bike and has the features you need, you can choose the bicycle locks.

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